I hit 700 posts today. That’s 100 posts in 13 days. Can I keep up this pace? Who knows? Should I keep up this pace? Probably a better question for you, my 8 loyal readers.

4 thoughts on “700”

    1. I think if my brain had a filter mechanism many of my posts wouldn’t be posted. Does that mean my brain works faster or less fast? I am not sure.

  1. I find it a little hard to keep with all of your posts Nathan purely because there are so many… They’re still a great read though :)

    Just a question…. How do you have the time to write so many posts??

    1. My fingers work faster than my brain.

      My posts take anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes to write. I use them to help overcome writer’s block. Some longer posts take longer and I work on them mostly at home. I save drafts of the really big ones.

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