An open letter to annoying people who have music autoplaying on their websites

Dear stupid,

Please do not have music autoplaying on your website. Actually, please do not have any sound autoplaying on your website. You might think it’s totally cool and awesome. You might assume that everybody wants to hear what you can do with a little bit of code.

You are wrong.

People these days browse using tabs. They might have 30 tabs open with things they are considering blogging. They might have had the sound off and your tab opened for days.

They might be about to listen to some new awesome tunes that their CEO told them about while he’s standing there listening to it.

If these things are true they don’t want “Our God is an Awesome God” blaring out in all it’s bad midi glory from a tab they can’t find and quickly terminate.

And their CEO might think that they’re some weird “Jesus Freak” who listens to bad music on the company’s dollar – when in fact they are a normal Jesus Freak who blogs about stuff like this on the company’s dollar.

Luckily, my CEO knows that I’m leaving to go to Bible College – so he already thinks I’m a weird Jesus Freak – his comment about my “choice” of music was “you can keep that”…

This is the band I was checking out. I shut a lot of tabs – but I believe this was the cultprit(sic).

I also hate MySpace.




Mikey Lynch says:

Unless you're then it's totally awesome!