Atheist Bingo

I’m going to find some atheist friends and use as many of these lines as I can over the Christmas period. I know that’s kind of the unpoint, but I don’t care.

On a serious note – how many of these lines do you routinely trot out to your non-believing friends? Maybe it’s time for some new material. Any suggestions?


Andrew says:

I liked it. Just because I thought you might be interested, here is what i posed on the friendly atheist blog –
"Although I'm not an atheist, I liked it. But just because some people use some pretty tired old worn out cliches, does that mean that what they are saying is not true? Would it be better if they came up with some new and fresh cliches to use?"

Arduinnae says:

Andrew – Few of those points are true. Those that are don't really mean much beyond their boards (Stalin was an Atheist – so what?).

Anyways, I enjoyed it. I've heard all of those far too many times, but it's lovely to see them poked fun at in such a lighthearted way!

Andrew says:

Nathan, maybe we should try to come up with the "So you believe in God?" bingo too?

As ever, an enjoyable piece of self-depreciating humour!