Bear with me

Sharing gummi bears has been an almost impossible task. Until now. The average gummi bear is too small to split more than two ways.

The GummyDevil, on the other hand, has more than enough gummi goodness to go round…

You can buy one for about 30GBP.

If you need tips on how to share the big fella then this instructable on Gummi Bear surgery will come in handy.


Andrew says:

why would you need to share gummibären when you could buy them in bulk at one of the several wholesale outlets in Nürnberg? (I think there's TWO in the Hauptbahnof alone!)

Nathan says:

Well, I don’t live in Germany. So I can’t. So one of these would do me for 1,400 trips to the wholesaler – assuming I only purchased one gummi bear per trip.

Andrew says:

I think that would be 140 trips to the wholesaler, or less, depending on how many come in the wholesale boxes. I'll have to see if the one next to my gym has these big ones.

And maybe you should live in Germany. (I'm making a habit of encouraging any potential ministers to spend some time leading an international congregation).