Bedroom philosophers

I am loathe to post links to sites I haven’t read or explored in depth just in case their content is dodgy and gets me in trouble.

But this site – Squashed Philosophers – seems safe, insomuch as it is a site full of condensed synopses of philosophical thinking throughout human history. Obviously that means it’s littered with wrong thinking – but it’s wrong thinking that might explain a lot.

Anyway, interesting reading – each philosopher is condensed into a “half hour read” – and this is just a glorified bookmark so I can find it later.

Perfect for a bit of pre-sleep reading.

Incidentally the name of this post is a reference to the artist behind what I think is the best novelty song ever written… I’m so postmodern (lyrics).

3 thoughts on “Bedroom philosophers”

  1. Hey Nath,
    Squashed Philosophers is a useful site. We’ve actually used it at College a bit to help people get a feel for reading original texts.

    1. Hi Dan, yeah I read somewhere that it’s essentially the college textbook… I’m all for nice condensed summaries. I’m looking forward to rounding out my philosophical personality with a bit of light reading this year. I don’t think my “Sophie’s World” schooling in the history of philosophical thought will cover me for that much longer. This seems like the next logical step to me.

    2. @Dan only… Oh by the way, I’m now officially the AFES chair for Townsville so will no doubt see you at the next board meeting.

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