Benaud steps down

Sad. But now I guess we’ll see how accurate the 12th Man’s portrayal of the handover process was.

I’ll never be able to think of Benaud as anything but a constipated turtle thanks to someone who made that comment in my youth, but cricket won’t be the same without him.

Oh well, as long as Bill Lawry doesn’t get more air time out of this I’ll be ok.

4 thoughts on “Benaud steps down”

    1. The 12th Man didn’t spoil Tony Greig for me as much as he spoiled Bill Lawry. I now can’t listen to Bill – mostly because of “Bill Lawry: This Is Your Life”

  1. I can’t listen to either of them without being filled with rage. It isn’t good, since I watch cricket a lot. The best scenario for me would be if Lawry, Greig and Healy (incidentally, also a pillock) somehow were rendered physically unable to speak. A swift cricket bat to the larynx would suffice, or perhaps a kookaburra to the jaw.

    1. You know that if that happens now and people look for evidence online they’ll find your comment.

      Perhaps you should organise some sort of celebrity cricket event for sick children and get these guys along. With Shaun Tait. He can bowl bouncers at them.

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