Biblical suspicion

Why is it that as a Christian I am suspicious of anybody who forms their entire worldview – scientific, political and eschatological – on the basis of Genesis, Daniel, and Revelation?

They seem perfectly natural places to go for such issues…

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4 thoughts on “Biblical suspicion”

  1. I know when you answer a rhetorical question, you always end up looking like a goose (by the way how annoying is it when this happens as you’re preaching).

    The answer is because you’re a cynic. And rightly so. But more and more I am softening my stance toward such simpletons. Partly because they’re coming from a position of taking the Bible seriously. Now, they are failing to read the Bible as the Bible itself would have us read it, but nevertheless, I prefer literals to liberals

  2. Maybe a harsh thought, but often they are the people who atheists will use to show why they are ‘right’.
    Ie chaser sketch on Wed night.

  3. Yes. Whenever I say that my favourite book of the Bible is Revelation, my fellow Presbyterians get the “sign of the cross” gleam in their eyes. No good reason for it – it’s just taken for granted that anyone who happens to love that particular part of Scripture also happens to love deciding who the anti-Christ is.

  4. Hey, I’ve read The Late Great Planet Earth. What more is there about politics and eschatology than in Daniel and Revelation?

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