Binge fruit eating

I’m not a big fruit eater. There are many days where my recommended daily healthy food intake is all vegetable no fruit. There are many days where it’s neither.

When I do eat fruit I go on fruit binges. A month or so ago it was bananas. I ate about six in one day. I didn’t feel very well.

This week it’s watermelon. We had just watermelon for dinner one night. And I’ve had watermelon (and only watermelon) for lunch four days this week.

I’m worried I’ll end up looking like this previously featured watermelon head.

Are there serious health concerns that come from eating too much watermelon?

4 thoughts on “Binge fruit eating”

  1. I think you're pretty safe. At least I hope so. A small person who lives at my house would quite happily just eat fruit all day. The thought of just watermelon would be incredibly exciting for him.

  2. And, you know what happens if you eat watermelon seeds… too many and you might have a forest in your belly.

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