Celebration time

I’ve been quiet lately. Too quiet.

Largely because I’ve been approaching the deadline for the printing of our Annual Report.

It’s kind of a big deal. Today was the day. It’s now at the printers.


I’m sure my brother-out-law, Hilton, won’t mind the gratuitous use of this photo of us. It displays the emotion I am currently feeling quite adequately.


Amy says:

As long as you realise that it is NEVER OVER…

I THOUGHT mine was finished once it went to the printers, but then the powers that be decided that no, there was a hold on it and you may or may not have to pulp every single copy.
I believe the legal deadline is Saturday. I am yet to hear if ours is officially okay.

Nathan says:

Well, our AGM is next Thursday so I hope none of that happens.

Also, because we're a not for profit I suspect we don't have the budget for pulpings.