A large number of the men from Willows are roughing it on men’s camp this weekend. Last night I learnt that at such camps they “don’t need soap” and “probably won’t shower anyway”.  Charming.

Nathan chose the optimal time to begin preparing for camp – 11pm the night before a 7am departure. This resulted in some difficulties arranging a few of the essential items he needed including a sleeping mat, crockery, toothpaste, a tent and a lift to camp. Thankfully he didn’t need to take his own food but the second thing that went into his bag was some freshly roasted coffee beans, a grinder and the stove top espresso maker. Even when camping there are a few luxuries one cannot go without.

During his mad scramble last night, I came to the conclusion that Nathan is probably not the most organised person that I know. At which point I began to wonder if women tend to be more organised than men. Probably not the question to ask Nathan at the time but I asked it anyway. And this led to a discussion. A long discussion. Very late at night. Which had no conclusion. We tried to come to some agreement by listing the couples in which the man is more organised but found this very difficult as sometimes perceptions are deceiving. What is true in your experience? 

My theory is women are better able to multi-task and are more attentive to details which make them more capable of being organised. I haven’t yet found an argument to support that men are more capable of organisation.  

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  1. Great work Hijacking Nathan’s blog Robyn! As much as I would love to agree with you about women being more organised than men, sadly I am not particularly organised. Mark is significantly more organised than I am… He will often have to remind me to put on shoes before we go out…

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