Coffee on the cheap

It’s possible to make pretty decent coffee for a surprisingly low price. Some people swear by plunger coffee – which is an acquired taste (I think) – but finding a cheap grinder is perilous. Grinders are important. Hand grinders are great – but they’re labour intensive – I’ve often thought about attaching a drill to mine as an experiment – and Make Magazine has beaten me to it… but they used a pepper mill – which I think is probably not as effective as a hand grinder.

3 thoughts on “Coffee on the cheap”

  1. I much prefer to drink plunger coffee at home because I can’t make a good enough latte myself.
    I also love my hand grinder – but I did pay $80 for it, and it is a pain when you are making coffee for more than three people.

  2. I’m kind of forced to go plunger…

    I was aghast when presented with an coffee made from instant in hot milk in country Wales recently!!

  3. I was aghast when I started a job in a coffee shop once and that’s how they made their coffee.

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