Coffee Works

Mareeba is the undisputed home of coffee in Australia – and it’s as much to do with the amazing collection of coffee paraphernalia on display at Coffee Works as it is to do with the presence of the vast majority of Australia’s coffee plantations.

Coffee Works is impressive. The founder has a collection of literally hundreds (perhaps thousands) of coffee brewers, espresso machines, roasters and grinders.

He traveled the world to find them. He sought them high, he sought them low, he sought those French presses everywhere… And that my friends is how you drop in a reference to the Scarlett Pimpernel.

Not only is this perhaps the world’s biggest collection of coffee (and tea) bric-a-brac – it’s also home to a boutique chocolate maker, specialty coffee roaster and they make a pretty mean coffee liquor.

There’s unlimited tastings of their coffees, teas and chocolates on offer for anyone who takes the tour – and it’s well worthwhile.

It’s fair to say that the extent of this guy’s collection gave Robyn a sense of perspective when it comes to my very small collection of coffee equipment.


Izaac says:

Hi Nathan, even though I enjoy the occasional glance through your blog, I find this post disturbing. Is there such a thing as too much coffee? “It gave Robyn a sense of perspective”… and Nathan a goal to aspire to?

Nathan says:

Funny you should pop up here Zac – I was going to mention you in a post, at least in my head, yesterday… timing hey. But now the post is gone from my head.