Colbert v Biblical contradictions

Stephen Colbert is a most fantastic interviewer – if you want the interviewee to feel particularly awkward. On Thursday he took on Bert Ehrman – who is pushing a new book about contradictions in the bible…

Colbert, a practicing Catholic, rips him apart. A bit. It’s interesting viewing.

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3 thoughts on “Colbert v Biblical contradictions”

  1. Damn, poor guy, though if you spend your time writing a book about bible contradictions you really should be able to defend yourself against common criticisms of the argument. A pretty intimidating interview to go into.

  2. ‘God is not a fan of puns sir.’ Sounds like a message for you Nathan.

    Yeah, interesting. Mainly interesting that such a discussion could take place on evening TV, and a discussion that, rudeness aside, had some really significant issues raised.

  3. I am impressed that the interviewee sat through the entire interview despite being ripped to shreds!

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