Core business

I couldn’t think of an Apple pun better than that. Sorry. 

Marketing expert Martin Lindstrom has released Buyology, a book on modern marketing, covering the results from a study onto response to common marketing methodologies and global brands. 

The findings, featured in The Australian, suggest that sex no longer sells. And that Apple is probably a cult. But we all knew that. 

They found an enormous correlation between a powerful religion and a powerful brand. Precient points are:

“In a world where religion in many societies has begun fading away, brands have begun to take over the role of belief. We as human beings need something to believe in and brands have become almost mini-religions,” 

“Think Apple, they have their own ‘temple’: their flagship store; their own religious leader: Steve Jobs; their own cross: the Apple logo; their own rituals (hundreds — just ask an Apple fan); their own enemy (Microsoft) … you name it.”

“These days sex isn’t as mysterious any more as it is everywhere, so that’s the reason why sex doesn’t sell.”