Dawkins in Brisbane

I’m going to this (in March next year. You should come too. Tickets are $15-$18. I’m sitting in the balcony.

Here’s the blurb…

“Britain’s greatest science writer, Richard Dawkins, comprehensively rebuts the creationists by pulling together the incontrovertible evidence for evolution.”

One can only wonder what all the other science writers in the United Kingdom think of such a bold claim. It doesn’t even say “arguably” the greatest science writer.


Kutz says:

Why would I want to go? Isn't he just AiG bashing?

Nathan says:

I guess I want to go because I want to be familiar with the arguments atheists will present.

I take your point though. You probably get your fill of AiG bashing here…

Andrew says:

Greatest = best selling?

Dan Covill says:


Oops. Sorry about the it's.

Dan Covill says:

I agree, that's a vapid claim. At least in the books I've read, he seems more of a philosophy writer. Science deals with cause and effect in the physical world, and doesn't worry it's little head about whether there's a God or not.