Deconstructing Disney

When I passed horrible and scathing judgment on the Little Mermaid the other day people leapt to the poor thing’s defence.

But here’s another analysis of Disney princesses – and it’s not pretty. The fairytale existence isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

And here’s an analysis of the men in the stories…

They deserve each other really.


Leah says:

I like clever critiques that are true. Some of these (the princess ones) are not.

Belle saved the beast because of the way she treated him – with care, devotion and respect, when nobody else would.

And who's to say Sleeping Beauty's salvation was sex rather than the prince's commitment to his betrothal?

But regarding the princes… who reads/watches those stories for the princes, anyway? :P

Leah says:

And people didn't really "leap to the poor thing's defence".. .just pointed out the original critique wasn't really right.

queenstuss says:

But therein the problem lies: who watches those stories for the princes. No-one. Disney teaches little girls, much like the romantic comedy genre for grown up girls, that all you need to be happy is a rich and handsome man who will look after you forever. You also have to be beautiful in appearance, and willing to forsake everything for love.

Sure, such a critique is not complete. There are positive aspects to the female characters, and negative aspect to the male characters. But I think they are true enough and something that we do need to be aware of – what messages are movies sending us?

Amy says:

I think there is a fair bit of truth to the idea that romance novels/rom coms are just pornography for women – creates the similarly unrealistic ideas of what a relationship should be… which reality just can't compete with.

Nathan says:

"I like clever critiques that are true. Some of these (the princess ones) are not. "

There's an air of truth about all of them. It is possible to approach the Disney movies as a text and interpret them in this way – even if it's done for the laughs.

Amy says:

Pocahontas I think would be the only Disney heroine who didn't end up with the guy at the end – wonder if it performed better or worse at the box office?

Jeff A says:

And it seems Disney have now gone all Barack Obama PC and are introducing their first African-American princess (

WillAdair says:

As a dad to a daughter and son, all I can say is have long talks when watching Disney movies. A few of these are over simplifications but the point sticks.

Allen Weaver says:

Jeff – Disney’s new African American princess movie was in production before Pres. Obama was inaugurated.

Cheers – Allen

Jeff A says:

@ Allen…when the inauguration happened is irrelevent…it’s the mood of the times it seems.