Defining issues

I think the way we, as people, choose to define ourselves is telling. So I often look at people’s profiles online with interest.

I, for example, put “A Christian” as first on the list. I am many more things, but I primarily self identify as a Christian, not a husband, son, brother, or blogger.

Atheists, upon occasion, have expressed their displeasure that Christians want them to define themselves by their non belief – and yet in the blogosphere they proudly identify that way with a big red A.

Some gay people I’ve spoken to prefer not to be identified by their sexual preferences, while others join together to form lobby groups.

I think Christians should, when defining their beliefs and identities, start off talking about Jesus. And this, more than anything else, is the problem I have with “Answers in Genesis”. They should be called “Answers in Jesus”, or “Answers from Jesus”… and they’re not.

After trying to explain why I think it’s a problem that AIG evangelise using pseudo science I conducted a little experiment. I went to the AIG homepage and searched it for “Jesus”… the little search box on Firefox came back “Phrase not found”… Here is a screenshot…

UPDATE: In case you, like a commenter below, think my little search trick is misleading – I give you one other piece of evidence that Answers in Genesis overplay the significance of their understanding of Genesis when it comes to the gospel…


Leah says:

That 'search' is just a little deceptive.

You've searched one page, not the website.

Search the website and you will get 11,500 hits for "Jesus".

Nathan says:

Sorry Leah,

I've rewritten the post to clarify my point.

Mark Looy says:

This is one of the most bizarre claims ever made about our ministry (especially coming from a Christian). We are a highly evangelistic ministry (including our Creation Museum, which has presented the gospel to almost 900,000 visitors in 2 1/2 years). Not only are there 11,500 mentions of "Jesus" on our website, but 4,000 mentions of "Christ"– and about just as many for the word "gospel." You should totally retract your comment: " I went to the AIG homepage and searched it for “Jesus”… the little search box on Firefox came back 'Phrase not found'." There is a world of difference between “none” and several thousand mentions of Jesus Christ on our site. You don’t need to “clarify” – you need to retract your totally false claim. Mark Looy, CCO, Answers in Genesis

Nathan says:


Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your point, Leah has already made it above.

There is no mention of Jesus or Christ on your homepage. Not your website, your homepage. I stand by my point and I feel this claim is indicative of the broader problem I have with the AIG ministry. You have turned a peripheral issue into your defining issue.

Nathan says:

Why did you not make a Jesus museum? Isn’t it a knowledge of Jesus that saves? Muslims believe in a young earth too. You are not evangelising by presenting a young earth, you are presenting a young earth.