Design brief

I have been doing a bit of web design stuff for work and on my blog for a while now – and I still find CSS glitches in my ad hoc approach to changing things.

Here are three essential tools for making web design using CSS an easier job.

  1. This Smashing Magazine CSS Tutorial is a must
  2. Firebug – the Firefox extension that allows you to chop and change your code and watch what it does to your page as you do it.
  3. A good CSS editor program (here are ten suggestions) takes out a lot of the grunt work.

Update – here are some cliched features to avoid. And my favourites listed in order of how annoying I find them…

  1. Autoplaying music
  2. Introduction movies with no skip button
  3. Comic Sans
  4. Overuse of stock images
  5. Animated Globes

One that wasn’t on the list that I find particularly annoying is talking ads that don’t pop up but move across the page. I guess people are trying to prove that they’re tech savvy and stuff…

Am I missing anything design people?


Nathan says:

Testing. One. Two.

Nathan says:

Testing. three. four.

Paroxysm says:

The testing song is my favourite song.

Nathan says:

I once wanted to start a band called the Roadies. And the gig would have been the sound check. Only postmodern people would have come to my shows and they don't like to spend money. So I didn't.

Andrew says:

How many sounds guys does it take to change a light bulb? 1,2..,1,2,1…1,1,2,1…

I hate sites that are made of Flash.

Amy says:

Those ads that cover over the top of the site you are reading (news sites in particular) and are really difficult to close (ie half the time, they don't so you are unable to click the links under where it thinks the ad should still be).

Pet hate…

queenstuss says:

I HATE autoplaying music. I leave my speakers off until necessary to avoid autoplaying music.