Design brief

I’m thinking of changing my blog design again to add a little colour and kill some clutter.

Anything you want to see scrapped?

Anything you think I should keep?

Speak now or hold your peace until I get bored again.


Anika Q says:

Well, less confusing is more appealing – and more gadgets is less bandwidth available for me to use elsewhere. :)

ButI like how white this blog is. Refreshing and cheerful, I think.

Andrew says:

I don't like the blue background… it looks a bit comic sans You had a good pallet, but this doesn't work so well, I don't think. I also think you need a logo. Perhaps a window with some feet of our friend Eutychus?

Amy says:

Beige/sand is much better than the blue.

If you want to take it further I think your black bar is too dominant in comparison to your headline – the ratio really should be the other way. Also, text looks better padded in from the edges of the text boxes (ie side menus).

Scott says:

I do RSS, so I never see your theme. :)

RodeoClown says:

I don't like that the new header stays at the top of the page – it means less page dedicated to actually reading stuff you've written.

Chris Inness says:

loose the red titles

Nathan says:

I'm still playing with all of this… I'll put up a post when I've got it to a finished kind of stage. But keep the feedback coming…

I will get to the padding in the sidebars…

David says:

The ‘intense debate’ comments often don’t come through for me… but they sometimes do so I think it might be a speed thing?

Andrew says:

I like the image / logo – can you get a font to match that for the title?

Nathan says:

Well, it's a comic. So Comic Sans…

I don't know, at the moment I'm using html text for the header text – there are a few options for fonts that are compatible with most browsers without using jquery or anything that I don't know very well.

I thought about a header image with the text in it – which would let me use any font – but that would add load time…