Disagreeable spam

My awesome comment spam filter protects me (and you dear reader) from all sorts of online nastiness. Ads for drugs, the opportunity to lose weight quickly, and naked celebrities (sadly that phrase will probably produce a boost in hits – if you’re one of the people who arrived here googling “Naked Celebrities” then please visit your local church – or read this Mark Driscoll eBook). A lot of spam is encouraging and supportive. The spammer tells me they’ll be back regularly – and they often are. But some spam is just down right mean. Like this guy, Anthony Dip, who disagrees with me…

“In my opinion you are not right. Let’s discuss it. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.”

Strangely his disagreement was with the hard copy Wikipedia post, which was factual and almost completely sans editorial.


simone says:

I sometimes struggle to know what is spam and what is just odd. I had an extensive and passionate comment the other day from a pluto loving fruitloop. I didn’t delete it because it was vaguely on topic, but maybe I should have. It’s a standard comment that she dumps all over the internet.

simone says:

Oh, and now that you’ve mentioned naked celebrities, your blog will probably be flagged by our internet integrity thing.