i just wanted to share with you something i love. I love english words which have consecutive letters. I’m not sure why but there is something very nice about them especially writing them by hand. I also like words where one letter repeats a lot of times. Because of this love i have compiled a short story using as many of these words as i can in one sentence.

After much sleeplessness a committee of bookkeepers who were all addressees of the Mississippi region meet for an emergency meeting to discuss the suddenness of the need for theere to be less cheerlessness in their organisation, but because of some individual’s possessiveness their original keenness subsided and they left annoyed.

See, words with consecutive double letters are amazing, although sentences containing 14 of them are less impressive.


Leah says:

Oh, I was so confused for a moment there. Your first para said “I love english words which have consecutive letters”. I was trying to figure out what “consecutive letters” were… til I read the following paragraph :P

“Committee” and “accommodation” have always been two of my favourite multiple-doubles words… I’m not sure why.