I’m about to break an unofficial rule – and post something about Mark Driscoll. If you’ve never heard of him – look him up on wikipedia – or check out his blog at his church’s website.

I’ve mentioned him a couple of times – but I know that he doesn’t really like bloggers. Unless they’re flattering. I also don’t want to appear to be a fan boy. I think he’s good – but not the second coming.

Will Henderson is a pressy guy in the US learning about Church Planting. That pretty much means hanging around as many Mark Driscoll fanboys as possible and learning from them.

He’s just posted a list of quotable quotes from a recent talk Driscoll gave. Here are my favourites:

“If ALL you are into is NEW you will end up a heretic. God call us to contend & Contextualise.”

“Preaching the gospel? There will be critics everywhere online permanent. Turn them into coaches. Never engage on their terms. In your anger do not sin. Avoid email.”


simone says:

Thanks for that, fanboy. (You deny it, I know, but don’t we all…)

Great to see Contextualise capitalised.

Nathan says:

His words not mine. And by his I’m not sure if I mean WH or MDs.

I was going to say that I’m sure Driscoll has bigger blog fish to fry tonight having just read through a 333 comment long thread criticising him on Pyromaniacs.

Why do Christians with such similar doctrines fight in public like this? It’s like that joke about two Baptists talking to each other as one is about to throw himself off a bridge – the one doing the “counselling” finds out he’s from a slightly different sect so pushes him off because he’s a heretic.

simone says:

Any criticism I ever make about md needs to be understood in light of the fact that I’ve probably listened to well over 50 sermons. 50 sermons at 1.06 each is alot of Driscoll. And I liked most of it. Except his S of S series which was awful. He is at his best with narrative.

What annoys me is others pedaling md’s ideas as their own. It is so boring and so obvious.

Actually, many other things annoy me too. But I won’t go into them here.