Election Scorecard: Craig Wallace’s Townsville ad

Labor MP for Thuringowa (and Minister for just about everything) Craig Wallace has a 17% margin. He’s in one of the safest seats in the state. He barely even needs to advertise.

So why jump the shark and be filmed holding a puppy?

His ad is positive though. It talks about “delivering” for North Queensland and highlights projects “he has delivered”. 

Grade: B


Leah says:

Yeah but a lot of the projects he “delivered” were messed up. Like the hospital.

Nathan says:

I wouldn’t put that entirely down to him. Based on my experience, Wallace has some actual talent as a politician. He’s the only sitting Labor member from Townsville that we regularly have something to do with. Lindy Nelson-Carr was in our office today and had no idea where the toilets were. We’ve been there, as the city’s peak economic development body, in the same building, for 18 years.

Amy says:

Hey, at least he has something to report. Our local member has decided the issue of the day is a proposal to have trail bikes in our state parks (he is against it). That is it. His letter points this out by repeating this idea 10 times, in slightly different ways.

You’d think after 12 years in parliament he might have something else to report on.