Evolution of a Nerd

My first post on this blog highlights my ongoing descent into nerdhood. While I don’t have the bespectacled (yet), triple-chinned, past-eating figure as described here, I have taken some healthy steps in the direction of becoming a nerd.

1. Blogging. To the readers who have ‘tuned in’ (sorry I don’t know what the web equivalent is) hoping for some of Nathan’s regular rants, my apologies. You got me. Some of you might think this is an improvement but let me assure you that I have much less creativity than my much more linguistically apt other half.

2. Study. Nathan and I have embarked upon a year of “pseudo study”, in which we’re learning Greek, going through the Westminster Confession and reading Calvin’s Institutes. Nathan is also preaching once a month and I’m sure that other opportunities will present themselves throughout the year.

As for Greek I’ve found it less tiresome than I’d anticipated. I actually like it. Bring on the Greek. Some days I catch myself at work wishing I was at home studying. Point in case for nerdish behaviour.

3. Glasses. Recently I’ve found myself asking my children to write bigger in their workbooks. I’ve also been looking at the dots on the tops of the Greek letters and wondering why the author was too lazy to write them properly. I’ve been getting headaches if I study for more than half an hour. I’m pretty good with reasoning and logic so I knew it was time for a visit to the optometrist.

Thankfully the news was good. I have two relatively minor problems which weren’t real concerns, however, as they were causing me trouble studying we decided to invest in a pair of specs. I don’t want glasses and I don’t like them. Nathan assures me that he thinks I’ll look great in glasses but I’m not so sure he’s telling me the truth. We’ll wait and see.

4. I use Chrome. Google Chrome that is. I didn’t even know that using Chrome was a sign of nerdhood but apparently it is.

Despite embracing these facets of nerdhood be assured that I won’t start playing World of Warcraft, develop poor hygiene or start talking about RAM any time soon.

A much further developed species than I.

11 thoughts on “Evolution of a Nerd”

  1. Nerds will generally encourage either Firefox or Chrome :)

    And most real nerds denounce World of Warcraft like nothing else!!

  2. Actually, I took a “Are You a Geek?” test just today… I’ll get my friend to email it to me ;)

  3. I was banned from using chrome a couple of weeks ago by my loving and ever security conscious husband due to a nasty bug . . but apparently it is ok now. I loved chrome but now I am back to firefox for the time being . . some of our work application don’t work on chrome :(.

  4. Google often releases products before they’ve been perfected. People who are aware enough of security know how to avoid any potential problems caused by bugs that might be present. eg. we have no firewall on our laptop at all because Vista pays too much attention to firewalls and makes using a network a headache. And Andre hasn’t had a virus in over 3 years.

    1. I don’t recall having a virus. Ever. I like Beta stuff. Google does generally keep their stuff in beta for a long, long time. Gmail is still in beta. At least 4 years after I signed up.

  5. I’m obviously not a nerd. I do blog, I am contemplating when I can do more study, and do wear glasses, but did not understand a word of the above discussion. Except I’ve heard of World of Warcraft. I don’t like it.

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