Failblog: Coffee Machine

Everything electrical in my life is dying. Painful deaths. Yesterday, before dismantling my breadmaker (and killing it), I discovered my trusty desktop PC is dead. I think it’s the power supply. Anyway, it’s gone. 

The breadmaker situation was all my own doing, and has been well documented. 

My coffee machine, the appliance I am most dependent on, gave up the ghost this morning. 

It was working last night before we went to bed. We only turned it off as we traipsed up the stairs to bed. So I haven’t done anything to hurt it. The waste water bottle was backed up which meant it wasn’t draining properly – but I couldn’t find any water that was interacting with the electricity. 

When we came downstairs this morning everything was off. We couldn’t figure out why. I checked the fuse box. Our circuit breaker was on “off”. Something was wrong. The usual suspect at this point is the coffee machine. And sure enough, when I turned it off power was able to be restored to the house. 

Subsequent testing (including pulling the machine apart and looking at all the wires) showed nothing structual was wrong with the machine, no wires were frayed. None were touching each other causing any short circuiting. All the earthing wires were still earthed. I am at a complete loss to figure out what’s going on.  

Could it be all the moisture in the air from all this rain?