Finding a niche

Every time I drive down Ross River Road I think to myself “how can this place possibly continue as a business?”

Finding a niche is one thing – being irrelevant is another.

Has anyone ever used this place? I can’t for the life of me figure out how they pay their lease.

According to the Word of Mouth Forum they’re good at their job. They also offer “haircuts at barber prices” so maybe it’s just clever branding.


Leah says:

It’s not irrelevant. Do you know how hard it can be to get rid of head lice from a child who goes to a school in the midst of a head lice epidemic? And then most hair dressers won’t serve people with head lice.

Nathan says:

But it is a niche. And I guess my question is are they a nit treatment place who happen to cut hair – or a hairdresser looking for a point of difference – and using that as their brand.

Mark says:

“are they a nit treatment place who happen to cut hair – or a hairdresser looking for a point of difference”

Having a prep child who has brought home head lice twice in the last two weeks (possibly missed eggs, possibly re-infestation), my guess would be they started as the latter, but could well get enough business to move to the former business model.

Leah says:

Yeah it’s a niche. But not an irrelevant one. I think Mark’s right.

queenstuss says:

Have you asked your wife this question? I suspect she would be familiar with the ‘nit-outbreak’ territory.

Nathan says:

We’ve both made the same remarks when driving past the business.

I suspect (from my family’s experience and I have three sisters with long hair) that every family has a nit outbreak at least once in their school lifetime.

I would think many families do the denitting job themselves.

So a small portion of families may use this business once or twice for each child – I imagine their hairdressing is either a response to a lack of business in their specialty area – or the pre-specialty area staple.