Finding Jesus on Wikipedia

Back in 2006 when nobody read my blog I came up with this unoriginal “six degrees of Wikipedia” game. I haven’t really played it since.

Boing Boing today posted “Click to Jesus” – a similar concept. See how you go.

1. Go over to Wikipedia.
2. Click “Random Article” just below the Wikipedia unfinished Death Star logo.
3. Choose the link in the article you think will get you closest to the Jesus article.
4. Keep track of the articles. Continue step 3 until you arrive at Jesus.

1 point for Random page
1 point for each click
1 point for Jesus page

You get style points if you start at Kevin Bacon – share your path from Kevin Bacon to Jesus in the comments.


Andrew says:

General Baldissera
Buenos Aires

Stephen says:

Kevin Bacon> fraternities> College of William and Mary> Church of England> Christian> Jesus

Hmmmm….. 6 degrees of separation as well.

Nathan says:

Kevin Bacon> Footloose > Utah County > Lehi > Book of Mormon > Messiah > Jesus…

The Book of Mormon entry says plenty about Jesus but doesn't link to him. That's about true of the Mormon religion.

Richard says:

I was trying to start at Kevin Bacon, but then I thought, ‘Hey, I could just change Wikipedia to like directly to Jesus.’ But maybe that’s too easy…