Five not so essential skills

Kottke has a list of essential skills for living (ages ago, I’m clearing out my queue)… you should read it.

Here’s my list of not so common skillz that I’ve decided are important.

  1. Write a haiku – they come in handy for classy SMS invitations. Limericks are also useful.
  2. Make dangerous things that impress children – glove guns are a classic.
  3. Pull apart a piece of technology, try to get it working again, then turn it into a piece of art.
  4. Learn to tell dad jokes – this is an important skill – I don’t recommend starting with the tractor joke, but learn it to punish people.
  5. Get a party trick. You never know when you might need to save your life by performing some sort of miraculous and spontaneous piece of entertainment.

Share your non-essential skillz in the comments.