Hi five

Ben is top 5-ing all week this week. I’m looking forward to his lists of awesomeness.

I’ll join the fun.

Here are my five favourite posts from elsewhere this week (in no particular order):

1. Ali’s post on how to catch a koala – I didn’t think it was that challenging, a rock and a big net would have been all I’d have used.

2. Ben’s post about signing off letters (and his one about the etiquette of extracting oneself from annoying conversations)

3. Simone’s post about how to make mud pie

4. Izaac’s post about bad bible jokes.

5. Justin for his posts tracking notable quotes from “Inspiring People” a mission running in Sydney


Ali says:

Why thank you! – though I don’t like your byline of course. Humph!

Yours is one of few blogs that I can actually comment on at work, so I can do all my spleen venting etc over here.