Nathan has gone away this weekend to learn how to be a better husband. He’s left me at home, alone and sick. Does anybody else see the irony in this?

I’ve given myself a somewhat ambitious task list to complete over the weekend despite my absent husband and ill health. 

1.       Hijack Nathan’s blog.

I think I can successfully tick this one off. Off to a good start.

2.       Master Greek. At least the first page of vocab anyway.

This one I think I’ll struggle with. I’ve been sporadically learning them for the past few weeks now and they are sticking in my brain very well. 

3.       Finish my 1st grade violin book.

I haven’t played my violin for at least 6 months because I broke the rosin. Having replaced this yesterday I’m ready for another shot.

4.       Design an outdoor setting which I could possibly build.

So I know that this one is far too ambitious but I thought I’d do some research away. Maybe Dad will be able to help… 

My intention is to give you an update by the end of the weekend.  

2 thoughts on “Hijacked”

  1. Hilton De Meillon

    Probably a good thing Nathan isn’t home to hear all that violin practise . .

  2. I have really really really wanted to learn violin since I was invited on to the school strings programme, umm, over twenty years ago. Mum said I wasn’t allowed. She told me when I was seven that it was because I’d only started learning the organ earlier that year. But she confessed when I was much older that she didn’t want to have to listen to me practicing. So I learnt the clarinet a year later. Turns out she didn’t need to worry about listen to me practice.

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