How Twilight Works

The Oatmeal is brilliant. Here’s the best review of the Twilight phenomena I’ve read yet

First off, the author creates a main character which is an empty shell. Her appearance isn’t described in detail; that way, any female can slip into it and easily fantasize about being this person. I read 400 pages of that book and barely had any idea of what the main character looked like; as far as I was concerned she was a giant Lego brick. Appearance aside, her personality is portrayed as insecure, fumbling, and awkward – a combination anyone who ever went through puberty can relate to. By creating this “empty shell,” the character becomes less of a person and more of something a female reader can put on and wear. Because I forgot her name (I think it was Barbara or Brando or something like that), I’m going to refer to her as “Pants” from here on out.



Ben McLaughlin says:



'giant lego brick'!

Amy says:

All the characters are empty shells (all ready to project your visions on to)…

Leah says:

I always think, if you're going to criticise something, do it credibly. Bella's appearance is described pretty obviously.

Also, the idea that all the characters are empty shells is way off. That's pretty much the only reason I like the Twilight books – because I enjoy the Cullen characters (bar Edward). They're filled out pretty well, especially over New Moon and Eclipse.

Amy says:

Alright, all the three main characters are empty shells.