If the hue fits

I’m colour blind. This has awesome repercussions – like not being able to be conscripted. Sucked in everyone else.

It’s bad when I’m playing pool and calling my shots, or when I’m watching election coverage on the ABC and wondering why both parties are a funny shade of red/green.

Are you colour blind? Maybe even a little? Find out using this easy “Hue Test” – found at bookofjoe.

5 thoughts on “If the hue fits”

  1. I scored 30… was worst in the blue-greens.
    Though I wonder how much monitor calibration plays a part?

    What did you score Nathan?

  2. I scored 42, but I wouldn’t say I’m colour blind. Just easily bored with such a long test.

    1. I didn’t finish it. It took me far too long to do the first row. Thus confirming my awful colourblindness.

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