Intelligent design

So, how bout this new design…

Any comments?

Any obvious glitches?

The new logo was drawn by Ben back when I picked my new name… I like it. He has kindly given me permission to use it.


Joel says:

It's a winner

Izaac says:

I liked everything except the red text… which has now disappeared!

Next… how to deal with my envy over Ben drawing a picture for your blog

1. Pray for forgiveness and deliverance from my sin
2. Change the name of my blog to something so attractively descriptive that Ben would be compelled to put pen to paper
3. Kidnap Ben and force him to draw me a picture.
4. Start an online petition.
5. Overthrow the Australian government and enact a law that would result in an accompanying illustration for my blog.
6. Use Ben's caffeine addiction by surreptitiously poisoning his coffee, then through the skillful use of a filleting knife, start wearing his skin like a shawl and hopefully embody his drawing talent to draw my own stupid picture.
7. Bribery?
8. Change my domain to and steal Nathan's picture.