Invention fail

Being an inventor is such a glamourous career path. Coming up with new and exciting things seems so noble – every one of the products I post here as an inventor or designer.

Sometimes inventions go bad. Sometimes they kill their creator. Here’s a list of people killed by their inventions courtesy of list repository “Listables“…

A couple of my favourite dead inventors…

Franz Reichelt

He invented a parasuit – a parachute in a suit. It didn’t work.

William Bullock

In a bizarre accident, Bullock was killed by his own invention. On April 3, 1867, he was making adjustments to one of his new presses that was being installed for the Philadelphia Public Ledger newspaper. Bullock tried to kick a driving belt onto a pulley. His leg was crushed when it became caught in the machine. After a few days, gangrene set in. On April 12, 1867, Bullock died during an operation to amputate the leg.

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