Lost and found

I love good news stories – especially good news stories about survivors or people thought lost being found. The comments from loved ones are always pretty awesome, they’ve just ridden the ultimate emotional rollercoaster going from grief to incredible joy in an instant – and they give hope to anyone who gets stuck on “denial” in the coping cycle…

So this story about a British teenager who went hiking in the Blue Mountains 12 days ago and just turned up alive is awesome – particularly his dad’s response. He flew in from England and was set to leave this afternoon before his son turned up alive.

There’s a sermon illustration here for anyone doing the Prodigal Son – here’s what the dad had to say:

"When I arrived, I thought there was still hope, but after day after day went (I thought) we have to maybe consider something terrible has happened to him.

"I actually didn’t start turning cartwheels until I made the call.

"It was absolutely stunning. I’m like a lunatic, [yelling] ‘My boy’s been found, my boy’s been found,’ " he told reporters.

Police then flew Mr Cass by helicopter to the Blue Mountains so that he could be reunited with his son.

He said he was very pleased to see his son, but also expressed anger at his actions.

"Mistake after mistake he’s made.

"I can’t say I’ll kill him, it would spoil the point of him coming back.

"[But] I’m going to kick his arse.”