Map with character

If you thought yesterday’s movie map was confusing here’s a breath of fresh air from XKCD.

It tracks character arcs and interactions in a bunch of popular movies. And two I’ve never watched or heard of.

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One thought on “Map with character”

  1. I've seen all those movies, and the graph is pretty accurate.

    12 Angry Men is an old black and white movie about a hung jury. Hence having the 12 always the same distance away from each other…

    And primer is a sci-fi movie about time-travel. So that final panel is the punchline – and I laughed out loud (really) when I read it. It's pretty accurate.

    Both of those movies are worth hunting down and watching, they were great. Primer is slow, and you'll need to spend a day or two trying to figure out what you just watched, but when it hits you – BOOM!

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