That’s surely what you get when you sit on an uncomfortable seat in a megachurch? No?

I really am scraping the bottom of the title barrel in general… but I do like to think of megachurches as a massive prehistoric beast perambulating through Christendom munching on smaller churches and smashing established denominations with the sweep of a spiky Godzilla like tale (sic – that’s to show that was a clever pun for you pedants out there). But maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, Danderson (which is the result I chose from Namemasher for “Dan Anderson”) has posted a thoughtful piece on megachurches and why they exist.

You should most certainly check out the whole post. But I like this passage.

Frankly, people can’t exist without believing in something bigger than themselves. Even hard-core reductionist-materialist-Atheists become quasi-religious about their position given opportunity. Anything, or anyone, who can offer and deliver an experience that lifts us beyond the limits of the normal, and particularly any thing that challenges the dominant materialism of our cultural discourse will be a winner.
Mega-churches are winners because they have generally offered either Big Sound, Big Gestures, or Big Words – but most important: a Big Narrative.
Of course, the decline of Church, has been paralleled by the rise of alternative places to get these experiences. Mega-churches exist (partially at least) because they need to compete in a more densely contested marketplace. There are far more people at the Cinema and the Sports Stadium on any given weekend than in churches (and more than ever if you can unite a Big Sporting contest with a Big Narrative like that provided by Anzac Day).

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