Moral Dilemma: What constitutes fast food

Readers who’ve been around for more than a couple of weeks will know that I swore off Fast Food as a new financial year resolution.

This presents me with an interesting dilemma. For years I have had a not so secret fixation with Nandos. Their Peri Peri spice is delicious.

Sadly, it has been an unrequited affair of the palate – there has not been a Nandos in Townsville. Until now. It opened pretty soon after I took my vow to forswear “fast food” – by which I meant the major chains – Maccas, KFC, Hungry Jacks and Red Rooster.

And so it comes to pass… I must decide whether Nandos is fast food, in the sense ruled out by the spirit of my self imposed ban.

What say you noble readers?

4 thoughts on “Moral Dilemma: What constitutes fast food”

  1. Surely it depends on the Nando’s itself? There are some that are quite fast, and others that take forever!

    Aha, the wit!

    … The burgers have more vegetable content, in that they have tomato as well as lettuce, and not just a token pickle. And they seem to use genuine cheese. So… not fast food?

  2. I don’t think Nandos uses any more vegetables than Hungry Jacks.

    They both use lettuce, tomato, onion, etc.

    Not saying Nando’s is fast food. I could go one way or the other.

    For a long time Subway didn’t have drive-thru either (in Tville at any rate)… would that have made it not fast food?

  3. I think perhaps more important than the absence of drive-thru is if you have to go up to the counter to order. Generally if they wait on you at the table it is not fast-food.

    Formerly I would have suggested made fresh vs pre-cooked, but they all seem to be making burgers and the like to order.

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