More on the Millenium

After my post on the Millennium last week I found this veritable treasure trove of articles on the millennial question.

They’re from the Gospel Coalition – and there are a couple of responses from a pre-mill that are worth reading through too…

Justin Taylor writes – What You Must Believe if you are a Premillennialist, and then this piece on Thrones in the Bible

Here’s a quote:

When Christ returns, the NT is clear that a number of things will end at that time (sin, corruption, death) and a number of things will begin at that time (our physical resurrection, final judgment, new heavens and new earth). In other words, when Christ returns, it’s “curtains” on sin and death. But in Premillennialism, there are still a thousand years of sin and death and corruption. I don’t want to be insensitive to my Premillennial friends, but it struck me a few years ago that the Premillennial position seems relatively depressing: Christ returns–but death and sin and rebellion continue.

Then Kevin De Young chimed in with his two part sermon series “Making Sense of The Millenium” – here’s part one, here’s part two

And here are some responses from a pre-millenialist – part one, and part two