Morning coughy

I’m home sick today with a particularly nasty head cold complete with dizziness and all the usual symptoms. Bleh.

Does anyone have any particularly potent remedies I should try? I’m not sure that coffee does anything for a head cold so I’m open to suggestions outside my normal method of dealing with aches and pains (they’re usually induced by caffeine withdrawal).

I read somewhere, and have observed personally, that coffee tastes suspiciously like vegemite when taken with particular strains head cold. I also think Hahn Light tastes like vegemite but that’s entirely another matter.

8 thoughts on “Morning coughy”

    1. I have some “ease a cold rapid relief” chewy capsule things that are “Honey and Ginger” flavoured. They are bizarre and rubbery but they seem to work.

      What is too much? A teaspoon full of each? A cup of each?

  1. a bit of each. a teaspoon of honey. a squeeze of lemon (or a teaspoon or so of the stuff in the bottle). a teaspoon of fresh ginger, or maybe a 1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger.

    do you really think those chewy capsule things actually have real honey and ginger in them?

  2. From the packet:

    Each lozenge contains Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) extract – 18.2mg
    equiv. to dry Rhizome 200mg
    Menthol 7mg…

    No mention of honey.

    Ironically it occurs to me that I’ve spent abut an hour of my life blocking spam comments from drug companies and now I’m writing one myself.

    Ironically that is almost irony.

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