My head hurts

So I’ve got this headache. It may be because I’m still sick. It may be because I don’t drink enough water. But it could also be a “barometric headache” – a headache due to atmospheric pressure – particularly due to low pressure.

It sounds unbelievable. But also makesĀ  sense. Weather and conditions should have some impact on our health. I do have a scar on my thumb that gets itchy ahead of rain. It’s probably something to do with changing humidity levels or something like that…

But I’ve got to ask – does anybody have any weird weather induced conditions? Pre-rain itches and the like…


Jus says:

Me! I get headaches preceding a storm or a front moving in . . the bet is though that your headache is a result of your cold. :)

Nathan says:

Probably. But I plan to check if I get headaches corresponding with low pressure systems for the next little while.