New scambaiting post up

Apologies to feed readers who have already had to wade through a pile of text documenting my latest attempt to procure some photos from a scammer… it’s a long one. Appropriately called “the longest scambaiting post ever” and I’m actually about 25% confident that it will eventually bear fruit. It’s not over yet.

6 thoughts on “New scambaiting post up”

  1. I'm not sure. I am trying to turn it off.

    I really like this new system (other than the commenting problem).

    I'm testing to see if this works without moderation.

  2. When I went to post a comment in this box it had my last comment here. Odd.

    Also, when I click to make a comment, it takes ages for the page to come up.

  3. seems to be working – but it puts my last comment in the box. Not that it's an issue – I can delete it – but I sometimes don't want to be reminded of dumb things I've written.

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