Nice place, going cheap…

Anyone want to rent our Townhouse in January? It looks like the rent will be going up slightly.

Seems our real estate agent has decided that while they’ll make us stay until the end of our lease with the threat of financial penalties if we leave early, they won’t extend us the right to live in our dwelling unhassled until then.

I spoke to someone at the agency yesterday who inquired as to our intentions to renew (at the end of January). I said that at this stage we wouldn’t be renewing. She said “give us two weeks notice when you want out”, I said “fine”… and on the very same day they put a “For Rent” sign outside our place. Two months in advance.

They’ve listed our place online and just told me on the phone that they would appreciate the opportunity for our place to be open for inspection by would be renters.

They probably compulsively google themselves – so I won’t mention them by name until we leave – but for shame real estate agent… for shame.

I will never ever buy a property listed by this company.