No comment

Dear Readers,

I don’t like to beg. Really. It is so unbecoming. Desperate even.

I’m getting more visitors than ever before to this blog. And less comments. 

Why don’t you comment? Don’t you love me? Am I boring you?

It’s really not that hard to comment. Is it? You don’t even have to have anything useful to say. Is it because I used to insult commenters I disagreed with? I’m a changed man. Promise. Try me. 

I do get a lot of comments from people trying to sell Xanax and viagra. But that’s no good for the self esteem.

It makes me sad. 

Is there a topic that would evoke more comments? Something that would generate a “buzz” or some controversy maybe?

That’s enough grovelling for now. And pandering. Don’t make me use my sad eyes.


queenstuss says:

Would you like to buy some Xanax?

Tim says:

How about the impact of candles on global warming and/or the world? take us through the manufacturing process and delivery and tell us why candles are bad esp scented ones and if there are any you suggest to create the perfect ambience

Nathan says:

I thought I already did something like that. But I can’t find it in the archives so I guess it was only either in conversation or an email somewhere. I’ll put something together.

toph-online says:

Tim I feel the candle comment is a dig at me. You do know what I can do with a jug of water..

Nathan I will endevour to comment more…

Nathan says:

Well Chris, let the state of the planet be on your candle loving head after you read my latest post on the evils of candles.

RJ says:

Put out the candles Chris? That’s what I’d do with a jug of water at your house.

Carly says:

Hahaha… Poor Jon will never feel comfortable around a jug of water again… :)

We love you and your blogs Nathan! Keep up the good work! :)

Nathan says:

Thanks Carly. All this comment love is making me feel warm inside.

I can’t help but think there’s a story behind Jon being afraid of jugs of water… Does anyone want to share?

queenstuss says:

I’m VERY curious about Chris and his candles…

Tim says:

lol I only just found out myself. Apparently if you are environmentally minded in their house e.g. blow out an unnecessary candle because the lights are on and/or there are another 20 burning, Chris throws a water jug at you…. oh dear :)

Carly says:

You’re welcome Nathan! Although try not to dwell on the fact that you had to guilt us into writing love-comments through this entry…. :)

And LOL yes, that is the candle story… I quite liked the candles though, I’m not really sure why Jon felt the need to put them out…

Nathan says:

I’m not going to lose any sleep over this manipulation – it made me feel nice, and we all learned a little more about our friend Chris and his candles.

Leah says:

I hate having to scroll back up to the post-heading to comment rather than having a comment button at the bottom of each post… where a reader ends up upon finishing reading said post.

Nathan says:

Yeah, me too. I will find a nice comment plug in that will hopefully fix that problem.

Tim says:

How about what is wrong with the australian cricket team. Or the ethics of supporting sport as a christian how much can u justify- how far is too far- e.g. skipping church to catch the sunday night game every week- dashing off w/o talking to people to see the footy show, having the cricket going on your mobile (w/o sound) during the service so u can see what is going on… how far is too far.
Also interested to hear a update on what u guys are planning for the next few years and long term- a post about u instead of what is going on in the world