On preaching with “L” plates

There’s a great article here that’s encouraging to young preachers and to those who seek to critique and encourage them.

I love honest criticism. Particularly constructive or useful criticism. One of our resident drama teachers gave me some tips on non verbal stuff this morning, that was really helpful. Another lady told me I should have included a benediction at the end of the service… oh well… there’s one in every crowd.

The standard “that was good and helpful” line that young preachers get from just about everyone isn’t all that useful – particularly for learners. From the article:

Great preachers are the ones who preach really bad sermons. The difference is that they preach really bad sermons when they’re young, and are sharpened for life by critique.

Mediocre preachers are those who start off with sermons that are, eh, pretty good, but they’re never critiqued and thus never grow.

I know which I’d rather be…


David says:

Reminds me of an observation Tim Keller made: a preachers first 200 sermons are going to be awful. The best you can do with them is get them out of the way.