On the Passive Aggressive Link comment

Sometimes my blogging friends post things that I’ve posted months before as though they’re original, or exciting.

This hurts my precious blog ego. Until I remember that I post so much stuff that sometimes I forget it, and I don’t read 90% of other people’s posts fully (except for you, dear reader).

To draw their attention to the fact that their post is old news I post a nice, agreeable comment. Including a link to my take on the post from months back.

It’ll read something like this…

“Oh yeah, I totally agree, especially in this post I wrote about the same thing four months ago”…

This is the ultimate passive aggressive blogging action. It uses one of Simone’s blog love languages (the comment) to gently rebuke the recalcitrant reader while simultaneously asserting one’s own superiority.

I will try to stop this. My last passive aggressive link comment was last week. I think I’m doing better already.


Izaac says:

Sometimes I think your goal is to have posted so much that there remains no truly original material about which you could not reasonably claimed to have blogged about first.

Nathan says:

It's my cunning plan.

Goannatree says:

have you ever done this to me? :) if so i didn't notice :P