Open letter to Queensland

Dear Queensland,

Poking fun at people from outside the state because of the result of a football game they had no control over is not clever. It’s not really funny either – unless you’re a funny person.

I did not play football for New South Wales last night. Neither did 6,889,983 other New South Welshmen… ignoring that part of that population statistic are migratory Queenslanders. Nor would I have picked 70% of the chosen players to represent me on the Rugby League field.

To pick on me because of that result is ludicrous. It’s also pretty close to the dictionary definition of racism:

1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

Just something to think about next time you insult me on the basis of having been born interstate.

That is all.


Nathan Campbell,


Anika Q says:

If it’s any comfort, when I started reading this post I thought it was satire because I’d heard that NSW was sure to win. And when I first started reading your blog post entitled “Thoughts on Origin” I was assuming that you couldn’t spell Origen Adamantius correctly.

In other words, there are native Queenslanders who don’t even have the know-how to pick on native New South Welshmen on the basis of football.


Leah says:

Oh come on, you’d be doing exactly the same thing if it was reversed :P

Nathan says:

I don’t remember ever having done the same thing. This may in part be due to the fact that I can’t remember us winning a series. It may also be that I’m not a racist.

Andrew says:

We shouldn’t judge people based on the colour of their number plate.

queenstuss says:

I thought it was people who played/watched the game that needed picking on, not people from New South Wales.

toph-online says:


You are right
– you don’t have control over the result of a football game
– nor did you play football for New South Wales
– nor did you have any say in the selection of the team

But you do have the choice of who you support.

I am very surprised by this post because if the shoe was on the other foot. You would ridicule a response like this.

Think of the words Manly – 2008 – Grand Final. Ring any bells?

Don’t be a hypocrite.

Nathan says:

“But you do have the choice of who you support. ”

Rethink that Chris. It’s called State of Origin.

“I am very surprised by this post because if the shoe was on the other foot. You would ridicule a response like this.”

Please note that the tags on the post include “sore losing” – perhaps reread it in that context.

“Think of the words Manly – 2008 – Grand Final. Ring any bells?”

That’s different – that’s a tribal association. It’s not the same as supporting a team based on where you’re from. Club football is a choice – and the ridicule is appropriate on that basis. Queenslanders lose sight of the distinction and have a smug sense of superiority on the basis of a game of football. And this transcends into every aspect of their being. Queensland is inappropriately parochial.

“Don’t be a hypocrite.”

Don’t be a jackass.

Nathan says:

Apologies. The tags are back now.

toph-online says:

1 There are no Tags – not that I was oblivious to the sore loser

2 Not everyone bases it on where they are born. Including origin players.

3 I don’t think NRL is much of a choice most people support the team from where they are born, who their parents support, the team in their area that live when they first get into NRL or the wow factor of a player (ie Titans).

Nathan says:

Re 2. Chris – it’s called State of Origin. My State of Origin is New South Wales. I can not change that. I will not flip flop just to support a team because they win, or because I happen to now reside in Queensland. The fact that other people choose to do so does not change the fact that State of Origin is both nominally and intentionally a competition based on geographic origin. To suggest that this is not the case on the basis of a few exceptions is ridiculous. You are being a sore winner.

3. Of course these factors play a part – but it’s not “team of origin” is it? It’s a matter of choosing a brand. The fact that there are external factors that influence this choice is largely immaterial. I first got into League when I lived in Northern NSW, I was born in Canterbury (Bulldogs territory), and my parents are apathetic when it comes to sport, I didn’t really know any of Manly’s players when I started supporting them. I liked Sea Eagles though.

Amy says:

Another your / you’re error in there Nathan – I am appalled!

Nathan says:

Yeah, I’m getting sloppy.

Andrew says:

Is it ok to ridicule you for liking such an daft game?

Nathan says:

Sure. I ridicule people for liking daft things all the time. But you like Opera. So be careful where you tread on this one…

Andrew says:

Best not compare the intellect of the average Mozart-lover to the average Bulldogs supporter. Of course, were you to point out the Logista in Italy you might have something resembling football fans.

Nathan says:

Arguing based on the lowest denominator is never the best move.

Andrew says:

Are you suggesting that Bulldogs fans are the lowest denominator?