Operator… Get me Sweden

That’s the name of a Darren Hanlon song – and after a bit of news today I feel like picking up the phone and saying just that.

I like Sweden. And I like the Swedish. But this is ridiculous…

“Swedish women will be permitted to abort their children based on the sex of the fetus, according to a ruling by Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare.”

According to this article.


3 thoughts on “Operator… Get me Sweden”

  1. I would suggest the difference lies in the “first world” status of Sweden – and the fact that it’s the archetypal liberal democracy.

  2. Maybe if the woman who is contemplating an abortion based on the sex of her baby could spend some time with the woman who has been trying to fall pregnant for one year, or ten years, or the woman who has just found out that she is miscarrying for the first time, or maybe the fifth, or the woman who has just given birth to a stillborn or a child who will probably not survive the first few weeks of life, then she maybe she would be more grateful for the blessing of a baby.

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