Original flavour

I don’t have much to say about the Origin. Six things in fact.

  1. Despite what Greg Inglis might like to believe – you can’t actually help what state you’re from – so bagging out losing fans on the basis of their “state of origin” seems pretty silly. Especially when your state is too dumb to maintain its “Smart State” slogan as fair and reasonable advertising. It’s not all about football people…
  2. Kurt Gidley is overrated.
  3. The Queensland Team’s dynasty will not last past next year – I predict their stars will be lured to Rugby, the UK and retirement.
  4. The New South Wales selectors should be put out to pasture – half backs should be creative, full backs fast, and wingers nimble footed.
  5. Queensland were better on the night.
  6. Phil Gould is universally annoying – every tackle last night was “an Origin tackle” – he’d have you believe that only the impressive ones fit that bill… And “out Origined” in the context of a State of Origin match just means “outplayed”… and motivational “pump up the audience” speeches before kick off only work for players, or if you don’t look like a walking cauliflower.


Amy says:

Walking cauliflower? He better watch out for zombies then.

Which is only funny to me, and anyone else who has read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies recently.

every time he said ‘out-origined’ a little part of me died.

Tim says:

I agree with point 1- I also impressed by some people who didn’t respond to a hooter blown in their ear- If they had of down that to me I would have hit them. just not on i think.

Leah says:

1) isn’t always black and white. Look at Heidi- born in South Africa, lived in NSW before she lived in QLD, but barracks for QLD because that was where she first became a fan of rugby league.
3) You’re not serious. Rugby and the UK generally attract people who are at the end of their prime in Australia. I think 3 out of the QLD Origin side could possibly be called that.
6) I can’t stand Phil Gould. How does he still have a job?

Nathan says:

Re 3: Karmichael Hunt is already dipping his toes in the Japanese Rugby Market, Here are some examples of NSW players leaving for Rugby/England before the end of their prime: Mark Gasnier, Craig Gower, Timana Tahu, Matt King… there are more.

But even from Queensland’s perspective – you’ve had Sailor, and Tuquiri leave previously – and Crocker would have been unavailable had his English deal not fallen over.

I’d say from this year’s origin squad you’ll eventually lose at least Hunt, Inglis, Folau, Lockyer and Hodges to either Rugby or England when their contracts are up next.