Ahh, PETA, you’ve outdone yourselves.

PETA continue to get great media coverage for being the dumbest group of activists around. It’s like they sat in a strategy meetings and decided that the only way to get people to take them seriously was to act like idiots.

Pike Place Fish at the Seattle Fish Markets is famous for flying fish – there’s a customer service training course that has become a global phenomenon because one day some of the workers there decided to improve life working with stinky fish by flinging them around.

According to PETA this is a no-no. Throwing dead fish around is undignified. Especially at a conference for vets (which raised the PETA hackles on the issue).

“Killing animals so you can toss their bodies around for amusement is just twisted,” said Ashley Byrne, senior campaigner for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in Washington, D.C.

“And it particularly sends a terrible message to the public when vets call it fun to toss around the corpses of animals. If anyone should be promoting compassion and not callousness toward animals, it should be vets.”

Update: Sorry, I should have pointed out that PETA is objecting to having “sea kittens” (their attempted rebranding of aquatic life) tossed around.


Amy says:

When one of their spokespeople is Pamela Anderson, do you really expect much?